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Bluestone Veneer
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This is where we excel. If it can be produced in bluestone, we can do it. Over the past 20 years we have built up or fabrication shop to rival any in the industry. Our technology, in combination with our drafting department allows us to take any job from concept to completion. Over the years we have produced profile, saddleback, coping, lugges sill, water tables, and so much more. Everything we produce in custom cut is plus or minus 1/8″ and guarenteed to fit.

From the rustic mosaic to the elegant sawn bed ashlar, (and many more in between), Finger Lakes Stone Company has veneer stone for any job.

Standard veneers come with bed depths of either 4″ or 6″ with coverage from 25 to 40 sqft/ton. All are packaged on 3000-4000 pound pallets for easy shipping and handling.

Thin veneer is also available for interior applications. Thickness is +/- 1” with corner pieces also available. 


Sawn Bed Ashlar

Sawn bed ashlar is a modular veneer sawn to rise heights of 2 1/4″, 5″ and 7 3/4″ which makes it an easy product to install. With the modular heights you can create a random look with consistent 1/2″ joints, with only an occasional end cut necessary. Colors are full range. Bed depth is 4″ and coverage is 35 to 40 sqft/ton.

Seamface Random Ashlar

Seamface random ashlar veneer consists to half natural seams and half rocked blue to produce a beautiful mixture of colors and textures. Heights vary from 1 1/2″ to 8″ with lengths from 8″ to 32″. Bed depth is 4″ or 6″. Coverage is 35 sqft/ton for the 4″ and 25 sqft/ton for the 6″ veneer.


Split Granite Cobbles

Split granite cobbles are made from 100% granite from the Adirondack Mountain Region of New York. Colors range from bright reds and greens to softer tans. Shapes are generally rounded and cross split to make for easy corners. Bed depth is 6″ and coverage is 30 sqft/ton. This product is also available as whole cobbles.

Mosaic Web Wall

Mosaic web wall is a rustic 3″ to 4″ bed depth veneer. Its odd shaped pieces create a web of varied patterns. Coverage is between 35 and 45 sqft/ton.

Fieldstone and Creekstone

Fieldstone and creekstone are the same stone products used for wall building. They can be used standing on edge or produced to create a veneer that gives the same look of a dry laid wall. Coverage and depths will change depending on use. Contact us for more information.

Snapped Bluestone

Snapped bluestone is our most economical veneer. It consists of 1″ to 4″ thick machine snapped bluestone. Lengths vary from 6″ to 48″ and it comes standard in the full color range. All blue is also available. Standard bed depth is 3″-4″ with coverage of approximately 35-40 sqft/ton.


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