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Llenroc Modular Stone Stair Systems
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“Llenroc” Modular Stone Stair System

At Finger Lakes Stone Company, our patent pending, “Llenroc” Modular Stone Stair System allows owners to enjoy the beauty of natural stone stairs at a price they can afford.

This new system uses Llenroc Bluestone, cut to modular sizes, to provide a set of steps that can be assembled by the home owner or contractor in minutes.

All systems come packaged on a pallet with simple installation instruction.

Advantages of the Modular Stone Stair System (patent pending)

  • 100% Natural Llenroc Bluestone: Given proper care will last forever.
  • Labor Savings: All stone is sawn to exacting sizes allowing the pieces to fit together with speed and simplicity.
  • Dry Laid: Without the use of mortar, our system eliminates the need for a mason.
  • Minimal Foundation Work: Because it is dry laid, there is no need for a full foundation. Compacted gravel or a thin concrete pad is all that is required.
  • Flexibility: Our Modular System allows you choices ranging from 6″ to 36″ threshold heights with widths from 36″ to 72″. Landings come in 12″, 24″ and 36″ depths.

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