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Split & Whole Cobble
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We also offer granite cobblestone and quality granite products in a wide variety of sizes and colors. Our vast inventory is available in bulk or palletized form, and is sold by the ton, by the piece, or by the pallet. Finger Lakes Stone Company, Inc. assures you of quality and convenience.

This product is unaffected by salts, chemicals, or freeze-thaw cycles.


Belgian Block curbing creates an upscale appearance wherever it is used. It’s strong and versatile and can be used in the most demanding situations.



Belgian Block edging creates a dramatic effect in any garden or landscaping environment.



Belgian Block pavers are beautiful and extremely durable; wherever they’re used, they’re permanent.



Belgian Block can be used to create beautiful, unique driveways that will last a lifetime.



Accent your driveway with a Belgian Block apron for a truly dramatic entrance to your home or business.



Use Belgian Block to create interesting designs in your yard and garden.



Belgian Block can be used to make a wide variety of walls for retaining, privacy or landscaping.



A beautiful way to accentuate the entrance to a home or business.



Use Belgian Block paving stones to create decorative patterns for garden paths and walkways.



Belgian Block can be used in virtually any masonry or landscaping application; the only limitation is your own imagination!



Accentuate your lawn or garden setting with a touch of whimsy


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