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Finger Lakes Stone Company has always been on the cutting edge of technology. From our state of the art CNC saw and stone guillotine, to our jaw crusher and screen plant, we have the technology and experienced staff to flawlessly produce all your materials.

While most folks in our industry are respectful of “mother nature” and the stone she produced millions of years ago, at Finger Lakes Stone Company, we’ve taken this respect one step further.

Helping reduce landfill waste, Finger Lakes Stone as made it a passion to recycle and divert as much hard fill as possible from landfills. We now accept demo’d concrete and asphalt debris, which we in turn crush down and produce some amazing base material products for a reduced price. 

Our state of the art machinery allows us to not only fabricate bluestone, but also limestone & granite products. As well as produce a wide array of crushed stone and soils. 

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